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General Contracting

Sunchase Construction has been in business for over 30 years and we pride ourselves on the knowledge, experience, and relationships that it takes to be a high caliber general contractor. Our general contracting service holds us responsible for overseeing your entire project to be sure that it is completed safely, on time, on budget, and according to specifications. It is important to have a general contractor you can trust for your project, whether it be complex or straightforward. Each project is different and we treat every one of our clients with the respect and attention to detail for their needs. General contracting requires coordinating several stages and multiple tradespeople over the course of the construction process and Sunchase is top-tier in providing a smooth experience for our clients. By collaborating with our team, we can bring your ideas to life! 

Construction Management

The construction process has a multitude of steps, decisions and phases which can become challenging without solid management. Our construction management services include the oversight of your project in each phase, as well as keeping up with permitting/code requirements, budgeting, consulting, communicating with all parties, and advocating for our client as the owner's representative in every step of the process starting at preconstruction. Having Sunchase as your construction manager is ideal for project owners who want an expert's help in managing their entire project and keeping the timeline on track and on budget. We will work as your partner to create the best system to meet your needs and be sure that the end result is nothing short of quality. 


This is the most frequently used process for completing a variety of construction projects, where one contractor conducts both the design and construction work. Sunchase Construction's design-build process incorporates and arranges the architectural, planning, and engineering that is necessary to execute a successful project from start to finish. Being a part of the design phase allows us to work with our clients and the entire design team simultaneously to achieve exactly what our client wants and needs. Whether this is a complex renovation of a commercial property or a brand new facility, our team is involved every step of the way. Sunchase's main priority is customer satisfaction and our design-build method ensures that we can hold all vendors, subcontractors, engineers and any other entities involved, accountable around every corner. Our expertise and experience gives us the opportunity to add value and utilize that knowledge in completing a seamless project and guarantees that the customer receives a quality end product. 

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